NOARK Electric is a global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial applications. We specialize in motor control and circuit protection products for original equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products at an exceptional value and back them with world-class service and support. Every NOARK product is tested and certified to the highest industry standards and covered by our exclusive five-year limited warranty.

NOARK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest electrical manufacturing group in Asia with over 25 thousand employees and a sales revenue of over ten billion USD. We have corporate facilities in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Prague to service the requirements of our customers, wherever they do business.

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Marketing Coordinator

2188 Pomona Blvd Pomona CA 91762

United States of America

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Noark Electric’s business is built on a foundation of employee centric values. Safety of employees and customers, treating others with respect, and integrity in our words and actions are core to our culture. We place a high value the contribution of our employees who bring the skills, drive and attitude that enables our growth.

“Being part of the Noark team never stops being engaging, challenging, and fun”

As a rapidly growing force in the Electrical Products industry, the type of work we need to do changes quickly. The things that were simple as a small player in the market, become more complex as we scale the business. From an employee’s perspective, this provides great opportunities to stretch your capabilities and learn valuable new skills.

Rob Farrell


1. How has Noark helped you develop your experience in your career field?
The majority of my career, my employees were with me in the plant or office. Having a 100% remote employees really taught me a different approach to leading and communicating.

2. What do you think is Noark’s strength as an employer?
We are very similar to a start up were we are growing every year. The company is invested in continuing this growth which is exciting. Many are so cautious and slow to invest.

3. What is your favorite part of working at Noark?
We really do see ourselves as a family and work together as a family. I have worked many other places where you thought it was more of the Roman Colosseum to see who survives.

4. If you’re an employee with 3+ of tenure at Noark, what has been your favorite part to see growth in?
We are doing business with the Electrical OEMs that build switchgear. We always wanted to grow here but the release of our ACB and the global supply chain shortages has catapulted our growth in this area.

5. What is your favorite memory at Noark Electric?
Attending the CIMF conference in Wenzhou. It was impressive of how we had 600 global customers and a trade show as large as a stadium. I knew then I work for a very big and powerful company, it was a first class event.
Patrick Woodham
Deputy General Manager
1. What do you think is Noark’s strength as an employer?
Competitive employee benefits.
Anna Chiang
Financial Controller

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