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Power Circuit Breakers

Noark Electric's Power Circuit Breakers are available in two families - A32 up to 3200A and - A40 up to 4000 amps. The A32 family features an interrupting capacity of 100kA at 635V while the A40 family features an interrupting capacity of 100kA at 635V and 85kA at 847V. Both A32 and A40 family of products are UL Listed and CSA Certified, providing design standardization for OEMs regardless of location. There are a variety of trip units, accessories, and communications options available for the families.

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UL 1066 Power Circuit Breakers

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Noark’s Power Circuit Breakers: Versatile Applications with Comprehensive Certifications

Noark’s Power Circuit Breakers can be used for Data Centers, Standby Power, Industrial, Healthcare and Commercial applications as well as customized power distribution assemblies. UL 1066 certified, Noark's A40 Power Circuit Breakers and accessories also comply with ANSI C37.13, C37.16, C37.17, and C37.50 standards.

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NOARK Electric is thrilled to intorduce our newest accessory for our MCCBs, the ERH32 Extended Rotary Handles.

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In this blog, we will delve into the significance of ground fault protection and explore the various methods of implementation.

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The Purpose of Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance Switch Systems

Recognizing the need for enhanced safety measures, engineers have developed the Arc Flash Reduction System to address the risks associated with arc flashes. Arc flash reduction systems are an advanced technology integrated into modern circuit breakers to minimize the occurrence and severity of arc flash events. It operates by detecting the onset of an arc […]

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