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Special Applications

Noark provides more than standard electrical components, we also provide special application components designed to provide solutions for the unique needs of the HVAC, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage industries. Our leading-edge DC rated products are designed for the most demanding direct current applications up to 2500 amps at 1500 volts DC. Our strict quality control and third-party testing to UL and CSA standards mean that customers in these industries can rely on Noark to help them develop reliable and efficient power conversion equipment.

Definite Purpose (DP) contactors offer a high-quality, cost-effective component for HVAC and refrigeration OEMs. Review our products below to learn more about their specifications and features or contact our team today to get in touch with a product expert.

Definite Purpose Contactors

Definite Purpose Contactors

In addition to being compact and sturdy electrical devices, our DP contactors are designed to control electrical circuits in a wide range of industrial machinery applications, such as air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pumps, compressors, electric heating, and other equipment.

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Special Application Components: Patented Safety Technology for Diverse Systems

For added safety and durability, our Special Application components provide patented arc extinguishing technology. Reverse-feed applications are also available. Moreover, many of our special application products can be used in grounded or ungrounded systems and can be paired with a full line of internal and external accessories.

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Latest News

Ex9QR5 – Solid State Reduced Voltage (SSRV) Starter

Ex9QR5 SSRV Motor Starter facilitates soft-start/stop of 3 phase electric motors, providing overload protection for motor branch circuits.

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Noark Electric’s Introduces A40 Power Circuit Breakers

Noark Electric’s A40 Power Circuit Breakers are available up to 4000 amps and are capable of interrupting ratings up to 100kA at 635V and 85kA at 847V. UL Listed and CSA Certified, the A40 family of products provide design standardization for OEM’s no matter where they do business. A40 breakers offer a broad range of […]

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Noark’s MCCB’s Achieve Freeze test to –40°C

Frigid temperatures cause issues in many regions. Noark ‘s MCCBs are tested and qualified for safe operation at temperatures down to –40°C.

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