Digital Storage

The world has become based on digital intelligence. To maintain the storage of all this information, already over 7.2 million data centers have been built worldwide.  This trend will only continue with cryptocurrency and the expansion of the Industrial Internet of Things. Currently, data centers consume 2% of the global energy demand. Due to this large energy demand, a significant number of power distribution components are necessary to provide power to these units.

NOARK Electric is a global manufacturer of control and protection components for industrial applications. Our immense manufacturing capabilities allow us to create powerful and reliable products with these applications in mind. Each product is tested and certified to the highest industry standard and supported by a world-class team. The data storage industry is inundated with overheating issues of data storage facilities.

Key Products

NOARK offers a large range of control and power distribution products.  Our air circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, and miniature breakers provide critical protection to the wires and components in these data centers. Our line of control products helps control the fans and ventilation that dissipates the heat in these storage facilities.  This ensures your equipment is performing to its maximum potential. Each product is tested and certified to the highest industry standard and supported by a world-class team.

NOARK Electric’s Capabilities

As a leader and global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial applications, NOARK puts safety at the forefront of our products and actions. Our automated production lines incorporate precision machining to deliver tight tolerances without any risk of human error or injury. We’re ready to partner with manufacturers to meet their needs for low- or high-volume electrical control and electrical protection components. We operate domestic warehousing in addition to our 12 million square feet of advanced manufacturing space.


Thanks to our confidence in our solutions, NOARK backs each of our industrial control products with a five-year limited warranty. To keep your operations running smoothly, we offer regional sales and technical support and a knowledgeable customer service department that is ready to answer your questions.