A32 Power Circuit Breakers

UL 1066 Circuit Breakers and Non-Automatic Switches up to 3200 Amps

UL 1066 Circuit Breakers
Non-Automatic Switches

Noark Electric’s A32 family of UL1066 Listed and ANSI C37 compliant Power Circuit Breakers provide comprehensive ratings and exceptional quality to Low Voltage Switchgear and Power Distribution Equipment OEMs. A32 breakers are designed to protect electrical systems up to 600 volts from overloads and short circuits and to provide equipment ground fault where specified. These breakers offer ampere ratings from 800A to 3200A in fixed-mount and draw-out configurations and have interrupting ratings up to 100kA at 600Vac.

Manufactured under world-class quality processes in our ISO9000 certified factory, these breakers deliver outstanding value in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

Type SU Trip Units

Type SU Trip Units

Noark’s Type SU trip units provide state of the art, reliable microprocessor-based protection for electrical power systems. They are available with LI, LSI or LSIG protection functions, giving electrical engineers maximum flexibility for protection and coordination. All SU trip units come equipped with an Arc Mitigation setting, with the ability to turn this feature on remotely.

All Type SU trip units come equipped with a digital display to enable easy quick and easy setup and the display of critical electrical parameters. The H Model boasts a full array of advanced features including total harmonic distortion protection, harmonics waveform display, RS485 communications, load shedding and much more.