DIN Rail Fuse Holders and Fuses

DIN Rail Fuse Holders and Fuses are an important component for circuit protection in many electrical power systems. They provide overload and short circuit protection at the highest available fault currents, preventing fires and ensuring personnel safety. Our fuses and fuse holder products are designed to meet the most rigorous North American standards by UL and CSA. NOARK’s experts will help you pick from our industry-leading fuse holder products to ensure a match to the current rating and voltage of your circuit and compatibility with the type of fuse you are using.

9FP Fuse Holder & Fuses

F30 Fuse Holders

Versatile F30 Series Fuse Holders: Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

F30 series Fuse holder can be used in variety of scenarios: F30M and F30CC series can be used in the conventional electrical field, while F30P series is dedicated to the photovoltaic industry. F30 series is matched with a variety of fuses and has a high interrupting capacity.


Rated current up to 30A.

The interrupting capacity of F30M series and F30CC series is up to 200kA while F30P is 50kA.

Available option for blown fuse indicating light, which is convenient for quick inspection and identification of DIN Rail Fuse Holders

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