NOARK Releases Woehner Busbar Adapters for MCCBs

Beginning in September 2023, NOARK Electric has added busbar adapter solutions for our Molded Case Circuit Breakers to our portfolio of offerings. These Busbar adapters provide a faster and easier installation of NOARK products for clients that are looking to leverage MCCB technologies in their power system designs.

These new Busbar adapters are being supplied through Woehner, a global partner for energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies.

Product Description

Woehner Busbar Adapters for NOARK’s Molded Case Circuit Breakers improve NOARK’s ability to support customers who are looking for:

  • Busbar adapters for NOARK’s line of MCCBs with current ratings up to 400A
  • Modular, robust, and flexible design for quick installation of breakers onto current carry busbars inside electrical panels
  • Flexibility with top or bottom breaker connections.

What Challenges Were North American Businesses Facing?

NOARK understands that North American businesses, such as panel builders and electrical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) want low voltage power distribution systems that is versatile and fill a variety of qualities. The desired qualities businesses are looking for are often modular systems that are scalable, easy to install, and offer less footprints.

Moreover, these Businesses want a system that offers flexibility across different electrical components’ manufacturers to ensure the highest level of variety for Panel solutions.

How is NOARK’s Partnership with Woehner a Solution?

With Woehner adapters designed for NOARK’s MCCB, EOEMs and Panel builders can increase productivity with easy and quick installation of NOARK’s Molded Case Circuit Breaker. Installing NOARK MCCBs with a Woehner adapters in your electrical panels will reduce the use of cables and cut down on valuable spacing requirement.

What Kind of Business Is This Product Ideal For?

NOARK’s MCCBs mounted on a Woehner busbar adapter is perfect for panel builders and electrical original equipment manufacturers that are looking to leverage this new technology to reduce installation times, cable management, and save space in their power systems.

Product Applications

NOARK’s MCCBs and Woehner busbar adapters find its use in the various electrical market segments including Residential, Commercial facilities, Industrial power systems, and Critical power systems. Examples of such solution application are:

  • UL 67 Panelboards
  • UL 891 Switchboards

To learn more about these products you can request a quote or contact us today for further information.

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NOARK Releases Woehner Busbar Adapters for MCCBs

Noark Electric has added busbar adapter solutions for our Molded Case Circuit Breakers to our portfolio of offerings.

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