Ex9RCA Safety Control Relays from NOARK Electric

In need of industrial control components? NOARK Electric’s Ex9RCA Safety Control Relays are the ideal solution for protecting your power systems.

What are Safety Control Relays?

Safety control relays are like the unsung heroes of industrial safety. They act as the gatekeepers of machinery and equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly and, most importantly, safely.

These devices monitor and control the flow of electricity to prevent hazardous situations by detecting abnormal conditions, like a malfunction or an overload. When detected, they interrupt the electrical circuit, preventing any mishaps before they occur.

What Benefits do NOARK Electric’s Safety Control Relays Offer?

The Ex9RCA is designed to provide fail-safe performance for safety function applications. It features mechanically linked contacts for use on safety feedback circuits with up to 6 NCs in contact configuration. When installed the normally closed contact is force guided with the normally open contacts per IEC/UL60947-5-1 Annex L making the Ex9RCA ideal for SRP/CS. Common applications include light curtains, E-stops, safety gates, safety interlock.

NOARK safety control relays are equipped with a permanent transparent cover that prevents manual operation and provides easy identification of the device status. 4-pole models are available with either AC or DC operating coils. 8-pole models provide extended contact configurations with a permanent mounted front block. Each unit is clearly identified by the prominent red front cover marked with a mechanically linked contact symbol. They install easily on 35mm DIN rail or on panels. Like all NOARK Electric products, the Ex9RCA is back by a 5-year limited warranty.

Protect Your Power Systems with NOARK Electric Components

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