Ex9QR5 – Solid State Reduced Voltage (SSRV) Starter

NOARK’s Ex9QR5 SSRV Motor Starter is designed to facilitate soft-start and soft-stop of three phase electric motors. It provides the overload protection required for motor branch circuits, while also saving energy, reducing peak-demand charges, and limiting mechanical wear and damage to connected machinery.

Ex9QR5 Ratings:

  • 200Vac to 690Vac
  • Ampacity ratings from 15A through 1000A in five frame sizes
  • Input frequency range from 35 Hz to 60 Hz

Ex9QR5 Features:

  • Seven unique starting modes
  • Automatic light-load energy savings
  • Low-speed forward and reverse
  • Programmable kickstart mode
  • Soft stop and braking
  • Sequential, multiple motor starting
  • Programmable digital inputs and analog output
  • Built-in RS-485 communication interface and standard Modbus protocol
  • Separately mountable LCD display with user-friendly interface

Motor Protection Functions:

  • Phase loss/phase unbalance
  • Starting current limit timeout
  • Undervoltage/Overvoltage
  • Output phase loss
  • Motor overload
  • Load locked/short circuit
  • Multi-start lockout

What Challenges Does the Ex9QR5 Soft Starter Solve?

Peak Demand Charges – with today’s increasingly overloaded power grids, utility companies have been penalizing customers through the use of peak demand charges. When an electric motor is first energized, it draws current at up to 6 times its rated full load amps. In larger horsepower motors, this surge of current is significant enough to incur these penalties.

Mechanical Wear – In addition to the large current drawn, a motor generates 150% to 200% of its rated torque during its starting phase. This high torque causes belts to slip and breakage of mechanical components as the motor overcomes the inertia of the load. Similarly, during shutdown the sudden removal of the motor’s driving force allows the load’s momentum to cause adverse effects such as water hammer in pumping applications.

Machine Operation – high starting torque also has effects on the function of the machinery being driven. In conveyor applications the abrupt application of torque and speed can cause material to be thrown from the conveyor. In fans, it causes a surge of airflow that stresses filters, dampers, and similar components.

How Does the Ex9QR5 Soft Starter Provide Overload Protection?

NOARK’s Ex9QR5 solid state reduced voltage starters are electronic devices that employ silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs, also known as thyristors) to control the voltage and current that is applied to the motor during startup. The accurate control of these parameters allows the Ex9QR5 to control the speed and torque that the motor applies to the driven load until it reaches its full speed, therefore providing overload protection. This sophisticated digital controller provides many ways to control the starting parameters, accommodating many different applications.

  • Seven starting modes for voltage, current, speed and torque control.
  • 11 pre-programmed starting sequences for different types of pumps, fans and machinery that benefit from a soft-start sequence.
  • Optional kickstart function that is used to break free highly inertial loads.
  • Soft Stop and braking functions to control the deceleration of the driven load on shutdown.
  • Programmable digital and analog inputs and outputs allow for easy integration into complex automated systems.
  • Controls can be initiated from the local keypad, remotely through wired connections to dry contacts or through the RS485 (Modbus) communication interface. Programmable settings allow any combination of these methods to be used.
  • TheEx9QR5’s wide range of voltage ratings allow OEMs to standardize their electrical design to be used in any power system worldwide. Its five frame sizes, covering ampacities from 15 through 1000A allows for fewer panel layouts across its broad scope of motor sizes.

Ideal Users for the Ex9QR5 Soft Starter

The Ex9QR5 is ideal for OEMs and industrial end users who must solve the most difficult motor starting applications.

  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration (HVAC-R):
    • Fans, Pumps and Compressors
  • Material Handling:
    • Conveyors and packaging machines
  • Industrial Processes:
    • Mixers, process pumps, propulsion
  • Resource Industries:
    • Belt conveyors, ball mills, crushers

Which NOARK Electric Products Should be Paired with the Ex9QR5?

The Ex9QR5 solid state reduced voltage starter works in combination with NOARK’s broad lineup of OEM components, including:

  • M Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers (15A through 1200A)
  • B Series Miniature Circuit Breakers (0.5A through 63A)
  • Ex9C Series Motor Contactors (6A through 1000A)

Fill Your Power System Needs with NOARK Electric

NOARK is a global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial applications; our specialties involve motor control and circuit protection for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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