How Noark Provides Some of North America’s Shortest Lead Times

Posted by Nathan Chick on October 17

How Noark Provides Some of North America’s Shortest Lead Times

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors in North America are facing significant challenges in today’s market due to short supply of quality products and lead times that can halt orders and ultimately hurt the bottom line. Addressing these issues is at the top of many businesses operating in North America today.

To address these industry concerns, Noark Electric has taken the initiative to improve manufacturing outputs and accelerate delivery timelines. As a result, Noark presents significant benefits to OEMs and distributors by offering high-quality components available at reduced lead times that competitors just cannot match.

How Noark Reduces Lead Times and Ensures Quality Results

To achieve these standards, Noark’s products are designed by engineers for ease of manufacturing and assembly, an accomplishment made possible by developing all products in-house.

Therefore, OEM and distributor orders fulfilled by Noark are rigorously tested and fulfilled quickly. This allows components to surpass the strictest UL and CSA standards and performance requirements. Not only does this ensure high quality results, but also makes it possible for Noark to provide customers with an exclusive five-year limited warranty for most components.

Noark’s ability to rapidly modify or produce products that satisfy their customers’ unique specifications is made possible by their local Mod Center based out of Pomona, California, which is expanding to better serve electrical OEMs and distributors across North America.

Modifications taking place at the California-based warehouse location, Noark’s primary distribution center, ensure prompt and reliable deliveries of an entire product range to customers all over North America.

“We call it a ‘Modification Center,’ but really, what we are doing is building a new product through the Mod Center. We source a breaker from our parent factory that is configured up to a certain point, and then we add to it the things that make it unique to the customer specification. When we talk about modifications, really what we are talking about is the production of a new product,”

Rob Farrell, Marketing Director, Noark Electric

Noark’s Product Offerings

Noark manufactures a wide variety of products rooted in three pillar offerings:

  1. Circuit Protection
  2. Industrial Controls, and
  3. Special Applications.

Products are designed to protect power systems, while optimizing performance and simplifying human-machine interface. Noark offers products that fulfill standard power system functions, such as Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) and DIN Rail Fuse Holders and Fuses. However, Noark also consistently introduces new product offerings that fulfil more unique customer needs such as Enclosed Breakers or Solid State Soft Starters.

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Molded Case Circuit Breaker Noark

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