Why NOARK’s 12VDC Shunt Trip Coils for MCCBs Make Power Systems Reliable and Safer

Circuit breakers are an essential component of any modern electrical system. Designed to protect your home or business from potential overloads or short circuits, these devices are your first line of defense against electrical fires. There are, however, situations where remote tripping of the circuit breaker may be required. It could be for operational reasons, for example being able to turn off machinery from the switch room which is not in the same location as the machine. In emergency situations, for example in fire outbreak, personnels can shut down power to a building without going in front of the breaker to do that. This can also be done automatically when the shunt trip receives a signal from the fire alarm or security system. This is an important safety consideration and at NOARK we have just extended our line of Shunt Trips for Molded Case Circuit Breakers with the addition of 12Vdc shunt trips which are particularly suited for extra low voltage circuits.

Shunt Trip as an Internal Accessory for the Circuit Breaker Circuit breakers generally have two types of accessories – internal and external. Shunt trip is an example of an internal accessory of the circuit breaker since it is mounted or installed inside the circuit breaker’s frame or body. Other examples of internal accessories under the Molded Case Circuit Breaker’s family are Undervoltage release, Auxiliary contacts, Alarm contacts et cetera.

Once installed inside the circuit breaker, the shunt trip can receive remote signals by means of the connected wires and trigger the opening of the circuit breaker.

Shunt Trip Coil MCCB Benefits

At NOARK Electric, we prioritize safety and efficiency for our clients, which is why we offer shunt trips for our series of Molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs). Noark Electric’s  shunt trip units are  ideal in safety considerations and operational flexibility.

This is because adding a NOARK MCCB  shunt trip coil accessory to a circuit breaker allows for the breaker to trip and open remotely or automatically when connected to a signaling safety circuit. in the event of an emergency.

The voltage control for our Shunt Release Trip (SHT) units ranges from 110 to 500 Vac and 12 to 24 Vdc. NOARK’s shunt trip units have an automatic interrupting opening time between 10ms and 60ms providing reliable and immediate trips to mitigate disasters.

Prioritize Power System Safety with NOARK Electric

Circuit breakers are vital for maintaining the safety of your electrical system. While it can be frustrating when they trip, remember that it’s a proactive and protective measure to prevent more serious electrical issues. By understanding why circuit breakers trip and taking steps to safely manage these events, you can ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

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